GLE Feedback


This is my report out of the December 2019 GLE.

I am “ccing” John and Lee because as Class Presidents they strongly encouraged me to observe a GLE. Boy were they right.

First off, I want to say “Simply Outstanding”.

1. Col MJ as Director, Center for ELD, is running a First-Rate program for Leadership Development through the GLE Format.

2. The Loyalty, Standards, and Action presentations given by the company officers was spot on. The midshipmen participated rigorously and were very active in answering questions posed by the Company Officers.

3. Col. Douds explanation of the Battle and Battlefield was thorough and interesting. However, it was his delivery that made it a story versus just a rendition of facts. Completely enjoyable and I felt the midshipmen enjoyed it, too. We travelled on foot the entire battlefield including Pickett’s Charge. What a walk.

4. Col. MJ’ s rendition of The Gettysburg Address caught me completely by surprise. I was able to imagine President Lincoln delivering his address in November 1863.

5. The recaps by Rear Adm. Weaver, Col. Douds, and Col. MJ capped off a magnificent day.

6. At the closing we sang “Navy Blue and Gold”.

Secondly, some items that I think are worth mentioning.

1. My interaction with the midshipmen was fun both at the Pizza Parlor and walking the Battlefield. I believe the caliber of officers the Academy is graduating today are head and shoulders above us as a Class when we graduated in 1977.

2. The box lunch was very good.

And Lastly, there are not enough words to describe my experience at the GLE. All I want to convey is I HAD A BLAST!!

Go Navy, Beat Army, Fight! Oh yes, we just Beat Army!

Michael S Longmeier, LCDR, USN, Ret
Class of 1977