Class Projects

The Class of 1977 is financially committed to supporting two long term projects that benefit the Naval Academy and midshipmen, consistent with the Superintendent’s priorities.

Gettysburg Leadership Encounter (“GLE”)

The Gettysburg Leadership Encounter is an intense experiential leadership exposure for Brigade Stripers and Varsity team captains. Two sessions are held each academic year. Midshipmen receive battlefield presentations that focus on three leadership qualities-LOYALTY (Pickett’s Charge, from both sides), STANDARDS (Little Round Top, from both sides) and ACTION (Cemetery Hill and Cemetery-the battle as well as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address). The experience has a profound impact on midshipmen leadership, utilizing America’s seminal and iconic field of battle in applying timeless leadership values to their current situation.

The Class of 1977 supports the GLE as part of a 2014 Gift Agreement with the Naval Academy Foundation and has raised over $600,000 for support. (Note: Funding for team captains is currently provided pursuant to agreement between the NAAA and the Patriot League).

Class of 1977 Fitness Center

The Class has supported the fitness mission of the Naval Academy by funding and maintaining the Class of 1977 Fitness Center, located at the seaward end of McDonough Hall, for over 20 years. Approximately 70 weight training stations are available to midshipmen, with state of the art weight lifting/fitness equipment, targeting the fitness needs of midshipmen. The Brigade makes extensive use of the facility and 70% of midshipmen find access to it “important” or “very important”. In 2018, the Class funded a $50,000 update to the Fitness center.